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Tarih Öncesinde Mezopotamya
17 Mayıs 2017
Biyolojik Elementler
18 Mayıs 2017

Vertebrate Fossil Beds

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Nubber of ongoing mammal paleontology studies have uncovered important findings regarding the miocene mamul biodiversity of Anatolia. This is expected to underline paleobiogeographiç importance of Anatolia both local and regional scales. İn addition, fosil great ape bearing sites from the Miocene of Anatolia remain an attractive study topic that captures the interest of scientists considering the origins and dispersal of fosil great apes and their evolutionary relationships with the African hominids. Fossils serve as a link between the past and the present by providing evidence of geographical change that has been ongoing for billions of years, of the effort by life to adapt to these changes, and of evolution. Everything on the Earth that we inhabit changes and develops. The story of shis cycle, which takes place over a very large period of time, san be told by fossils. Let us listento their story and discover both ourselves and the nature.

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